Feature Poet: Geoff Kagan-Trenchard

Today Geoff Kagen-Trenchard joins JM and Shawn for a lengthy conversation about equality, understanding privilege, and masturbation. He even reads a few poems!

Geoff’s poetry book/workshop guide “Murder Stay Murder” is now available as a digital download or only $5.00!

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Watching Poetry: Francis, Wakefeild, and Watsky

Shawn and JM watch some of their favorite poetry videos on youtube.

The videos featured are as follows:

Slow Down Ghandi – Sage Frances (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0ceZiNO3XM)

Air Horn Into Bedrooms and Battle Scars – Buddy Wakefield (http://youtu.be/ZHUJaZNdl-Y)
Letter To My 16 Year Old Self – George Watsky (http://youtu.be…

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Destination Detour: CoLaboratory 2: “Just Please Don’t Speak it Yet”

Destination Detour: CoLaboratory 2: “Just Please Don’t Speak it Yet”

This week Shawn and JM made another collaboration video, because they are fun to do.

This poem’s prompt was “pickup the nearest book, go to page 29 and use the first 10 words you see to write a poem”. We each picked 5 from the nearest books. For Shawn, that was a Dylan Thomas collection, for me it was a book of Haiku about Zombies.…

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