Episode 4: “Trains, Chainsaws, and Beards, Oh My!” – Interview with Wess “Mongo” Jolley

    Trains, Chainsaws, and Beards, Oh My! All on today’s episode of Destination: Detour. In this episode, Mongo of Indiefeed fame stops by via Google Hangouts to talk about his role in P4 (The Performance Poetry Preservation Project) and a bit about how the Inidefeed Performance Poetry Channel got started.

Call For Submissions: “A Boy Leaves Home / A Stranger Comes to Town”

Call For Submissions: “A Boy Leaves Home / A Stranger Comes to Town”

This is a public call for submissions for Destination: Detour.

Prompt: “There are only to stories: A Boy Leaves home / A Stranger Comes To Town”.

Send submissions to destinationdetourpoetry@gmail.com with the Subject line reading: “Boy/Stranger Prompt – Author Name”.

In the body of the email include short bio and a link to where…

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Seen by Scene I

Seen by Scene I

colab 1DestinationDetour
Collaborative Laboratory of the Arts

Seen by Scene I
JM Romig and Shawn King

Deafening stillness suffocates
the room.  Pouring emptiness out
from my eyes . Dry-heaving
onto my blank page.
Self-editing the script
nobody will follow. My unwritten, untitled, autobiology
could be mistaken for a blood stain on my living -
room carpet.

Chemicals could be used to strip away the…

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