Seen by Scene I

Seen by Scene I

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Collaborative Laboratory of the Arts

Seen by Scene I
JM Romig and Shawn King

Deafening stillness suffocates
the room.  Pouring emptiness out
from my eyes . Dry-heaving
onto my blank page.
Self-editing the script
nobody will follow. My unwritten, untitled, autobiology
could be mistaken for a blood stain on my living -
room carpet.

Chemicals could be used to strip away the…

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Destination Detour Episode 3: Feature - “Moon Animals” by Collin Wadeson

Destination Detour Episode 3: Feature – “Moon Animals” by Collin Wadeson

Collin responded to our call for Submissions on Reddit and send us with wondeful little gem. At first all we knew about him was that he was from England.

Collin ended up writing us back, but we still did not get much in the way of information. He’s 33 and is from Oxford, England. He studies English Literature and Critical Practice…

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Destination: Detour Episode 2 - JM Romig

Destination: Detour Episode 2 – JM Romig

Destination Detour


In todays episode, the DD crew discusses the work of its own co-host, JM Romig.

Shawn and Josh talk about women, metaphors, cougars, and the separation of art from the artist.

Leave a comment below, let us know what you think about today’s episode, and what you’d like to see if future episodes of Destination: Detour.

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